BDICPL Winter League 2019-2020

KO Report for Charity Cup

Charity Cup Last 64: 24/09/2019
PO Post Raiders 0 W Fryerns 2 Shots
Pitpool Terriers W 0 Qball Dogs
Gilly Guzzlers W 0 Vange Pitsea A
Qball Artists W 0 Lads Army
Fryerns Pirates W 0 Patriots
Barnhall Jokers W 0 Winston Social
Gone To Pot W 0 Pitpool Terriers B
Mavericks 0 W Fryerns Gnashers
Winston Saints W 0 On The Wick
Fryerns Nightout 0 W VP Pocketpickers
Nighthawks     Bye
Qball Young Ones     Bye
PO Postbones     Bye
Billericay Cons     Bye
Qball Rack Pack     Bye
Qball Rangers     Bye
Club Bar Fb'S     Bye
Crooked Cons     Bye
Wickford Rail 2000     Bye
Barnhall Knights     Bye
Aviators     Bye
Qball Rebels     Bye
Qball Warriors     Bye
Baize Of Glory     Bye
Bowers Knight Templar     Bye
Old Basta Balls     Bye
Chalveden Musthangs     Bye
Qball Outlaws     Bye
Miss Cue     Bye
The Scratchers     Bye
Bluehouse     Bye
Legion Legends     Bye
Charity Cup Last 32: 22/10/2019
VP Pocketpickers     Baize Of Glory
Wickford Rail 2000     Bowers Knight Templar
Bluehouse     Gilly Guzzlers
PO Postbones     Aviators
Qball Outlaws     Nighthawks
Fryerns Gnashers     Barnhall Jokers
Qball Rack Pack     Barnhall Knights
Gone To Pot     Qball Artists
Pitpool Terriers     Billericay Cons
Crooked Cons     Qball Young Ones
Qball Warriors     Legion Legends
Chalveden Musthangs     Fryerns 2 Shots
Qball Rangers     Miss Cue
Qball Rebels     The Scratchers
Club Bar Fb'S     Fryerns Pirates
Old Basta Balls     Winston Saints
Last 16: 07/01/2020
¼ finals: 07/04/2020
Semi finals: 23/06/2020
Final: 07/07/2020
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