Basildon District Independant Club Pool League 2018-2019

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BDICPL Combination Cup

The new Combination Cup competition starts on the 15/01/19 and has replaced the Three's Competition. It includes all the losing teams that were eliminated from the Charity Cup in the first two rounds.
After the byes it will be a straight knockout played on Charity Cup night.

The format is a 6 person team who play the best of 9 frames in total. The match comprises of: 6 x one frame singles matches and 3 x one frame scotch doubles matches. There are NO substitutions.

Captains will draw the first 6 singles alternately as usual, then all ID cards will be turned over and used again to draw the pairings for the doubles. Break will be decided by flipping a coin for break and losing team refs. Break and ref's are then alternated.

Divisional handicaps will apply as usual to decide any frame starts.
Team handicaps - Prem: 0, Div1: +1, Div2: +2, Div3: +3

Please remember to play all matches in a sporting manner.
Good luck everyone.

BDICPL Committee

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