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The following BDICPL committee decision has been taken due to the increasing national Covid numbers and there being very limited spare Tuesday dates to re-schedule any matches. Any fixtures which need to be postponed due to Covid will not be re-played, The senior BDICPL committee will decide the resulting outcome of each fixture, on a match per match basis and their decision will be final.


The BDICPL Committee heard an appeal against one of the banned players from an incident several weeks ago. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed to withdraw the ban against the player. The reinstatment was on the confdition that the team accepted that any further involvement with drugs regarding the reinstated player would result in a ban for the entire team from the BDICPL. All agreed this was a fair outcome.


A BDICPL Disciplinary Committee Meeting was held to hear and asked the captain of the Pitpool Terriers to explain why he rang an opposing team player after the match, on his mobile phone to persistently hound him into replaying a game (and in so doing trying to change the match score from 4-2 to 5-1) which had already been decided by the league rules and the League Secretary. He then videoed said conversation and shared it to others. A letter of apology was asked for several months ago and was handed in at the meeting. After lengthy conversations the outcome was to reverse said captain's score on the night, and in so doing so, turning the match into a 3-3 draw. The captain received a one match ban and was put on probation for the rest of the season. All agreed this was a fair outcome.

The BDICPL will not tolerate anyone who tries to alter the match score after the match is finished.


The BDICPL Committee held an emergency meeting to discuss that evidence had been found and unusual behaviour had been witnessed at a BDICPL sanctioned venue, by a proprietor, and that drug abuse had accured during a BDICPL Tuesday night league match. All involved parties, including the team captain, were contacted and asked to attend. The outcome after lengthy discussions was to ban 2 BDICPL members for life from the BDICPL pool league and put the entire remaining team members on probation for the rest of the season. The team were then told that any further instances relating to drugs and their team, this season would result in an instant ban for the entire team. This decision was accepted by alll parties as a fair outcome.

The BDICPL has a ZERO tolerance approach to drug abuse.


Keeping the BDICPL league split into 3 Divisions

At registration this year we lost 6 teams Aviators, Rebels, Bluehouse, Miss Cue, Night Out and Mavericks, which meant from 42 we dropped to 36 but we gained 2 new teams. The new teams were Woodland Warriors and Fryerns Bandits. We gained a new venue the Woodlands Club.The total registered teams is 38 teams. It was decided to keep the leagues as 3 divisions of 14 teams. This would mean the number of league matches a season would still be 26 but with 1 "Bye" team in the Prem and 1st Division and 2 "Bye" teams in the 2nd Division.

Sandwich League

The league captains present at a meeting on 03/08/21 voted and the BDICPL sanctioned that, the BDICPL league is no longer a compulsary sandwich league. Sandwiches are now provided at each venue on a voluntary basis.

Tables and Sandwiches at Qball

All teams playing out of Qball this season will pay £20 per table per league match night. They will receive 1 match table from 6:30pm for 5 hours and also 1 individually packaged hot meal (Sausage & Chips) per player present for their match. BDICPL reminds team captains in other BDICPL cup competitions staged at Qball to book tables with Qball reception

Charity Cup Elimination.

Teams are reminded that in order to qualify for the Last 32 Combination Cup, teams must be eliminated from the Charity Cup. Any team that does not turn up for their Charity Cup match will not qualify for the Combination Cup.

Change of Captains.

Captains are reminded that if you change Captains during the season the new Captain must speak in person to the Secretary (Bill) to confirm the change of contact details.

New Match Balls.

BDICPL CommitteeThe BDICPL have now completed the supply of new sets of match balls which should be used on BDICPL match nights. Please make sure all captains that you mark the box "Property of BDICPL" and also mark the name of your home pool team(s) who use them.The new balls are not to be used for general public use, at BDICPL pool team venues. Please politely remind landlords of this.

2 Balls Touching.

If the cue ball is touching 2 object balls and you are unable to play a legal shot, the frame is a re-rack. You can not play into a touching ball as it would be a foul.

No more than 3 county "A" players per team.

Teams are reminded that no more than three County "A" players or players of a higher standard can be registered to play for any one BDICPL team. This is so that no BDICPL team has an unfair advantage.

BDICPL Committee

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