BDICPL Winter League 2019-2020

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Charity Cup Elimination
Teams are reminded that in order to qualify for the Last 32 Combination Cup, teams must be eliminated from the Charity Cup. Any team that does not turn up for their Charity Cup match will not qualify for the Combination Cup.

Change of Captains
Captains are reminded that if you change Captains during the season the new Captain must speak in person to the Secretary (Bill) to confirm the change of contact details.

New Match Balls
BDICPL CommitteeThe BDICPL have now completed the supply of new sets of match balls which should be used on BDICPL match nights. Please make sure all captains that you mark the box "Property of BDICPL" and also mark the name of your home pool team(s) who use them.The new balls are not to be used for general public use, at BDICPL pool team venues. Please politely remind landlords of this.

2 Balls Touching
If the cue ball is touching 2 object balls and you are unable to play a legal shot, the frame is a re-rack. You can not play into a touching ball as it would be a foul.

No more than 3 county "A" players per team
The BDICPL is giving notice to all teams that it IS going to enforce the constitutional rule, beginning season 2018/2019, which states,
that no more than 3 County "A" players or players of a higher standard, can be registered to play for any one BDICPL team. This is so that no BDICPL team has an unfair advantage.


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