BDICPL Winter League 2019-2020

Current Notices

New BDICPL Comps & Attendance Rules

BDICPL Officials who normally officiate at Qball are :

Bill Woolward (Secretary)
Mark Redgewell (Chairman)
Jim Atkinson (Web Admin)

We are goint to continue with a new Tuesday format this season.

Each Competition will be played, on one night only, down to the Final across all 10 x 8Ball tables at Qball.
Each one will all be played on 7 separate Tuesday nights during this coming season at Qball. (See fixtures for dates).

New format: You turn up between 7:15pm and 7:45pm to register in the appropriate comp on the allocated day.
You don't turn up - you don't waste anyone's time. Bring your ID card or photo of it.
(Please do not all turn up at 7:40pm or you won't be registered in time).

Book slammed shut at 7:45pm (you cant get parked at 7:40 - turn up earlier! everybody else does) and the draw will be done at 7:50pm sharp.

Play starts straight after the draw. We then play preliminaries first if necessary, then we play all the Comp using all 10 x 8ball pool tables to the Final.

All the money competitions this year are still 1st prize of £100 to all the winners and £50 to the runner up.

Money competitions are:
Prem 1st & 2nd Div Singles
Doubles Cup
Captain & Secretary Cup
Veterans Cup

Any teams who would like the BDICPL to try and arrange a friendly for them on Comp nights will need to contact the BDICPL via Whatssp of phone at least 7 days before.
Just text, stating name of your team and "please arrange friendly for us on (date)". We will try our best to arrange one for you.

Good luck everyone and remember to play in a sporting manner.

BDICPL Committee.

Suggestions and Ideas for the next AGM

If you have a constructive suggestion, put it in writing, in the form of a question or two that can be discussed and then maybe put to the vote at the next AGM. (Max 2 points per person)

Please do not just send a two page general rant letter into the committee about why everything in the league should be changed.

Making strong/abusive comments on social media really doesn't solve anything.

BDICPL Committee

Referees Beware Of Push Shot

A push shot is when:

1) a shot in which the cue, the cue ball and the object ball are ALL momentarily in contact.

2) a shot in which the cue remains in contact with the cue ball UNTIL the cue ball has touched the object ball

3) one in which the cue strikes the cue ball twice

Recently seen more and more in matches......

When trying to pot an object ball in a pocket several feet away, when the cue ball and object ball are lined up and very close together,
just lifting the cue end so the cue is close to 90 degrees and thumping down hard on the cue ball, is still going to be a foul!

A push shot is a foul and will be called if seen by the referee.

BDICPL Committee

Old Archived Items

If the cue ball is touching 2 object balls and you are unable to play a legal shot, the frame is a re-rack. You can not play into a touching ball as it would be a foul.

The BDICPL is giving notice to all teams that it IS going to enforce the constitutional rule, beginning season 2018/2019, which states,
that no more than 3 County "A" players or players of a higher standard, can be registered to play for any one BDICPL team. This is so that no BDICPL team has an unfair advantage.

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