BDICPL Winter League 2022-2023


BDICPL 8 Ball Clearance Rules

A recognised 8 Ball in this BDICPL league is to consecutively pot all selected 7 object balls and the black legally and in one visit to the table.
A foul stroke grants an opponent an extra visit.

Old EPA - An 8 Ball can only be claimed at break off or first visit of opponent if all 15 object balls are still all on the table. If you have 2 visits from a foul break or an "in-off" playing Old EPA, 1 visit must still remain after the black is potted in order to claim an 8ball clearance.

Blackball - An 8 Ball can only be claimed on "break-off" (Dish) or first visit of opponent but only after a DRY BREAK and only if ALL 15 OBJECT BALLS are still on the table and NO FOUL HAS BEEN AWARDED.

The 8 ball is acheived through successfully negotiating the clearance of the table with all 15 object balls on the table and not just from whats left after someone else broke!

BDICPL Committee

Abusive Text or Email Messages Rule

Anyone found guilty of any of the following will be severely reprimanded for bringing the game into disrepute and could end up being banned for life from the BDICPL :-

1) Sending anonymous abusive text or email messages to the BDICPL
2) Posting abusive comments on social media that are indirectly or directly aimed at the BDICPL or its Committee.
3) Any one or combination of, drug abuse, violent conduct, threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour towards other members, players or supporters at BDICPL venues.

BDICPL Committee

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