BDICPL Winter League 2022-2023


Registering New Players

Any team may register extra players during the first half of the season at the cost of the full registration fee per player and during the second half of the season the fee will be reduced to 50%. The cut-off date 'will be up to and including 6 (six) league games remaining of the League Season.
Players may transfer between teams during the season providing there are also at least 6 (six) league games remaining of the League Season.

All new registrations and player transfers must be made in writing and with the knowledge of their captains. A minimum period of 48 hours must pass before a player is eligible to play in a new BDICPL team match.

The new player process is to put 2 x passport photos, 1 x completed registration form and the correct fee, preferable cash, into a sealed envelope addressed to BDICPL League Secretary and handed to someone behind the bar at Qball. They will be picked-up every Tuesday and dropped back the following Tuesday.

A team for a League match, Charity Cup or League Cup match, must have a minimum of 4 (four) players to attend or the match will be forfeit.

BDICPL Competitions & Attendance Rules

BDICPL Officials who normally officiate at Qball competitions are :

Mark Redgewell (League Chairman)
Bill Woolward (League Secretary)
Jim Atkinson (Vice League Secretary & Web Admin)

The Tuesday Competition format will be played this season.

Each event will be played, on one Tuesday night only (except the doubles), down to the Final across all 9 x 8Ball tables at Qball.
Each event will all be played on 9 separate Tuesday nights during this coming season at Qball. (See fixtures for dates).

New format: You turn up between 7:15pm and 7:45pm to register in the appropriate comp on the allocated day.
You don't turn up - you don't waste anyone's time. Bring your ID card or photo of it.
(Please do not all turn up at 7:40pm or you won't be registered in time).

Book slammed shut at 7:45pm (you cant get parked at 7:40 - turn up earlier! everybody else does) and the draw will be done at 7:50pm sharp.

Any team deliberately registering any "non-eligible" people will result in their entire team being disqualified from all competitions.

Play starts straight after the draw. We then play preliminaries first if necessary, then we play all the Comp using all 9 x 8ball pool tables up to the Final.

All the money competitions this year are still 1st prize of £100 to all the winners and £50 to the runners up.

Money competitions are the following and played by:
Prem & 1st Singles - Blackball
2nd & 3rd Div Singles - Old EPA
Prem & 1st Doubles Cup - Blackball
2nd & 3rd Div Doubles Cup - Old EPA
Prem & 1st Capt & Sec Cup - Blackball
2nd & 3rd Div Capt & Sec Cup - Old EPA
Veterans Cup - Open To All Over 50 - Old EPA

Singles still remains four competitions.
The Doubles and the Capt & Sec Cup have been split into two separate competitions.

Any teams who would like the BDICPL to try and help arrange a friendly for them on Comp nights will need to contact the BDICPL via Whatsapp or phone League Secretary at least 7 days before.
Just add the BDICPL mobile number to WhatsApp and text, stating name of your team and "please arrange friendly for us on (date)". We will try our best to help arrange one for you.

Good luck everyone and remember to play in a sporting manner.

BDICPL Committee.

BDICPL 8Ball Clearance Rules

A recognised 8Ball in this BDICPL league is to consecutively pot all selected 7 object balls and the black legally and in one visit to the table.
A foul stroke grants an opponent an extra visit.

Old EPA - An 8Ball can only be claimed at break off or first visit of opponent if all 15 object balls are still all on the table. If you have 2 visits from a foul break or an "in-off" playing Old EPA, 1 visit must still remain after the black is potted in order to claim an 8ball clearance.

Blackball - An 8Ball can only be claimed on "break-off" (Dish) or first visit of opponent but only after a DRY BREAK and only if ALL 15 OBJECT BALLS are still on the table and NO FOUL HAS BEEN AWARDED.

The 8ball is acheived through successfully negotiating the clearance of the table with all 15 object balls on the table and not just from whats left after someone else broke!

BDICPL Committee

Score Cards Rule

Please from now on, everyone PRINT PLAYERS NAMES beside the REG ID numbers (NO NEED TO SIGN ANYMORE) and just indicate 8BALL's simply with a 1 or 2 in 8B column on the score card. Both captains need to send a photo each week.

Both captains please take a clear in focus photo of your completed and signed result card in portrait view on your smartphone.
BOTH captains send result cards in via Whatsap to BDICPL mobile. Winning captain must retain result card as evidence in the event of a dispute.
Please send photo of result card by end of next day.

Captain's are reminded that failure to send in a photo of a completed and signed result card could result in the loss of individual points if their is a dispute.

BDICPL Committee.

Expected Etiquette of BDICPL players

BDICPL notice about Table 9 and 5 at Qball on match nights.

Captains please remind ALL your players, even the SENIORS, this etiquette applies to everyone !!

So a reminder to EVERY player, if a player is addressing the pool table and you are approaching the table from either end,
the etiquette is to stop and patiently wait until they have finished their shot then quickly proceed before the next shot is addressed.
Do NOTwalk through the players eye line when they are taking a shot or stand at the end of table 5 chatting to your mates sitting at the table in the viewing area !!

BDICPL Committee

BDICPL Charity & Combination Cup Rules

The Charity Cup competition will include all the teams from Premier Div and 1st Div and will play Blackball rules and No Handicaps.

The Combination Cup competition will include all the teams from the 2nd Div and 3rd Div and play Old EPA rules and No Handicaps.

Reminder: The Charity Cup format is a 6 person team who play 6 singles (Each best of 3). If the scores and frames scores are level at the end, there is an additional one frame shoot out.
Each captain to nominate their player. There are NO substitutions. Captains will draw the 6 singles alternately as usual and break will be decided by lag.

Reminder: The Combination Cup format is a 6 person team who play the best of 9 frames in total. The match comprises of: 6 x one frame singles matches and 3 x one frame scotch doubles matches. There are NO substitutions.

Captains will draw the first 6 singles alternately as usual, then all ID cards will be turned over and used again to draw the pairings for the doubles. Break will be decided by flipping a coin for break and losing team refs. Break and ref's are then alternated.

Please remember to play all matches in a sporting manner.
Good luck everyone.

BDICPL Committee

Abusive Text or Email Messages Rule

Anyone found guilty or any of the following will be severely reprimanded for bringing the game into disrepute and could end up being banned for life from the BDICPL.

1) Sending anonymous abusive text or email messages to the BDICPL
2) Posting abusive comments on social media that are indirectly or directly aimed at the BDICPL or its Committee.
3) A combination of, drug abuse, violent conduct, threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour towards other members, players or supporters.

BDICPL Committee

Referees Beware Of Push Shot

A push shot is when:

1) a shot in which the cue, the cue ball and the object ball are ALL momentarily in contact.

2) a shot in which the cue remains in contact with the cue ball UNTIL the cue ball has touched the object ball

3) one in which the cue strikes the cue ball twice

Recently seen more and more in matches......

When trying to pot an object ball in a pocket several feet away, when the cue ball and object ball are lined up and very close together,
just lifting the cue end so the cue is close to 90 degrees and thumping down hard on the cue ball, is still going to be a foul!

A push shot is a foul and will be called if seen by the referee.

BDICPL Committee


This season 2022-23 all teams in the Premier Div and 1st Div will play Blackball rules in all Div and Cup league matches. Three (3) teams will be promoted and relegated between the Premier Div and 1st Division.

This season 2022-23 all teams in the 2nd Div and 3rd Div will play OLD EPA rules in all Div and Cup league matches. Three (3) teams will be promoted and relegated between the 2nd Div and 3rd Division.

The Charity Cup is now only played by the 20 teams in the Prem and 1st Divisions by Blackball rules. No Handicap.

The Combination Cup is now only played by the 20 teams in the 2nd and 3rd Divisions by Old EPA rules. No Handicap.

The Vets Cup will be the only Cup "OPEN" to everyone in all Divs over 50 and will be played by OLD EPA rules.I

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